Mithuna Daily Horoscope For 23 January
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Those who are single should be very happy today as their love signs are bright and they might meet their soul mate today. A nice drive with family, friends or relatives is predicted for today. Unexpected hurdles may delay the procedures students may have to fulfill in order to pursue higher studies. A mentor will help politicians in building the foundations of a promising career in the political arena. Those who are in the show business might suffer some losses today. They should also try not to be tempted into forming a new relationship or get involved in a past relationship. Those suffering from serious illness will benefit a lot from the love and care provided by near and dear ones. It will bring them relief and some happiness.
Romantically involved couples might enjoy the attention given by their partner. Today they might take some decision towards their future.A pleasure trip by boat or ship is predicted.Students appearing for examinations today will find their papers to be very tough.Politicians may have to face some opposition today because of their strong and determined views. But this very nature as well as favorable stars would help them tackle any problem.Those who are in the show business need to be diplomatic and cautious in their interactions today.Patients suffering from prolonged illness and bedridden for some time now may soon recover with medicines and care.
Children might slightly injure themselves today. It might just be a cut or a bruise. But it might worry the entire family. Students who are not in the habit of working hard may have to face a trying day today. Today there are chances that your romantic partner might feel neglected. It's the right time to clear all misunderstandings and to show that you really care. Teachers who are coaching students for their examinations and other activities will be well appreciated for their efforts. Parents' health, especially that of your mother may be a cause for great concern today. A health check-up or visit to doctor is advised. Today you should look after your health. Also advisable to go for your regular health check up. There might be family problems today that would keep accountants away from attending work. They would have to give priority to their family. Those who have recently gotten engaged will spend the day shopping and preparing for their wedding. Those businessmen who are in the food industry may start a new venture or acquire a new concern. This will greatly increase their value in the market.
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