Karkata Daily Horoscope For 24 September
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Those who are married, are advised to take the advice and opinions of their loved ones on domestic matters. Children sensitive to cold air and drinks should not be exposed to either. There is a chance that they might catch a cold and fever today. You have an intense desire to travel and visit famous places around the world. You will today be able to plan your work in such a way that it can even facilitate your travel. Businessmen will make major progress in their business plans. Taking careful steps would help deal with any further complications. Real estate agents planning to renovate their houses can start work today. Any loans, if applied for, towards this, would be sanctioned without much delay. Teachers taking students out for a field trip are advised caution. Minor accidents are predicted. They must be prepared for all eventualities.
Those who are single are advised to accompany their friends to parties or functions. This might be their chance to meet potential suitors.Children might slightly injure themselves today. It might just be a cut or a bruise. But it might worry the entire family.You are very keen on gaining knowledge through your travels. You learn new things about people and places as you travel.Share brokers and gamblers could be very lucky today. They might win everything they touch.Teachers might have to stay on in class today for extra classes. Exams are near and they would have to complete their portions.You might experience a healthy, comfortable and peaceful day ahead.
Those who are single are advised not to be too moody today. Else they might lose some romantic opportunities. Be very careful of what you eat today as there are chances of you suffering from food poisoning or stomach aches. Also take care of how much and what you eat. Students might not be able to participate in the school tour that is scheduled today. Being a team person and encouraging all the party workers to work as a team will help further the prospects of politicians. Politicians may be called on to mediate within the party members and resolve issues today. Those who are married may find themselves enjoying parties and get-togethers this evening. A very good day to send out resumes if you are seriously looking out for a job. As someone might recognise your potential. Some important family matters may come up today. This would force you to cancel a trip you had planned with your friends. Businessmen and industrialists will have very successful meetings today. It's a good day for them to arrange meetings with collaborators, clients or officials.
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