Meena Daily Horoscope For 05 July
Those who are single might receive marriage proposals from unexpected sources. A long drive with a loved one will make you happy and energetic today. Share market investors and brokers are advised to avoid gambling or speculating. Especially if they are dealing with other people's capital. Politicians with an enterprising spirit may rise to prominence today. They would be able to advance their career and attain a higher position in their party. Sportspersons might meet with someone today who would guide them properly in their respective sport.
Lovers may look forward to spending a good time together.A family get-together at home will make the elders very happy today. They would love to interact with the kids and other members of the family.Those who are seeking a new job might get an offer for a new job. This will also bring them fame and recognition.Advocates can expect new cases coming their way today. These cases would bring reputation and money for them.A good day for students today who are interested in extra curricular activities like debate, elocution, etc.Auspicious functions may keep those in the movie and literary industry very busy.
Accountants might have to deal with the pressure of deadlines not being met. They would have to listen to complaints on this from clients and seniors. Advocates will go by their intuitions in making decisions today. Their successful decisions would be appreciated by colleagues as well as superiors. Those in the technology field who are planning to pursue higher studies will take the first steps towards this goal. An elderly person in the family might tend to nag a lot. A little patience while dealing with them will help a lot. Business deals in international trade will be beneficial for businessmen today. You will meet new people today at he parties or social dos that you might attend. Those who are married might spend most of their day at work today. This might be their way of avoiding confrontations at home. Real estate agents will successfully close a land deal today.
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