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What is in my annual astrology report?

How would be your life this year? Get an insight with your personalized Yearly Horoscope for 2020. The report will reveal the possible events happening in your career, wealth, health, family etc. during the course of this year. All the predictions are based on the calculations made using the Ancient Vedic Indian astrology methods.

Highlights of your Personalised Yearly Report

Forecast for Full year

Forecasts, unique to you, for between January and December 2020

Overall rating

Overall rating for the year based on the combined effect of planets in your horoscope.

Astrology predictions

Tells you about the 12 important areas of your life like; education, career, family, relationships, health etc.

We want to make Astrology online and accessible to all

The vedic Indian online astrology horoscope uses calculations based on your date, time and place of birth, and so will be specific to and uniquely yours. This make it is an ideal guide to prepare yourself for the year ahead.

Professor CS Shivakumar
Senior Astrologer

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Frequently Asked Questions is the most trusted Vedic astrology service providers in India since 1984 with more than 1 million satisfied customers. Our year guide is personalized and based on Indian predictive astrology. Muntha is a sensitive point in the annual horoscope. The position of Muntha in the annual chart has a significant effect on the results one can expect during the year. This year guide predictions are based on the position of Muntha in your horoscope. The detailed Astrology Predictions includes Yearly Predictions 2020, Career, Health & Family in 2020, Favorable Planets & Predictions, Ruling Planet & Its Effects, Astrological Rating for 2020, Financial Forecast for 2020.

It is a system of knowledge that uses the movement of the planets in the sky and a person’s birth chart to:

1. Explain their personality.

2. Forecast the likely events that will happen in their life. A person’s birth chart is a treasure map that will show where challenges and opportunities will occur in their unique life.
So, why believe in Astrology?

Answer: Because it works!

And many of the most brilliant people know this to be true. If you’re a skeptic you’re saying to yourself, “Oh really? Who are these brilliant people? What evidence do you have that it worked for them?”

Astrology has been used over the centuries by kings, Popes such as Leo X and Paul III, and historical figures from Benjamin Franklin to President Reagan, all who have consulted with astrologers. They trusted that the practice of astrology could provide valuable information to help them manage their affairs and make important decisions. Astrological interpretation offered them insightful analysis of the past, guidance to the future, and wise counsel they could depend on as being accurate. In fact, J.P. Morgan once said, “Millionaires don’t use astrologers, but billionaires do!”

It is clear: Some of the most powerful and influential figures in history have used astrology, including presidents, CEOs, billionaires, as well as business owners, managers, executives, sales representatives, artists, musicians, writers, financial planners, economists, lawyers, accountants, psychologists, doctors, and those in numerous other professions. The list of organizations using astrology includes publically traded corporations, hedge funds, small businesses, government, non-profit organizations, and sports teams.

Astrology makes you better person
Astrology shows you the mirror – as you are! As human beings, we all are given to shortcomings and have flaws. And, earlier we accept that we are not perfect, the better. 

Astrology readings like Life Predictions Reading or Your Horoscope Analysis will not hesitate in calling a spade a spade. So, if you are a short-tempered, rude person, a good Astrological Reading will tell you so – on your face. And, will clearly tell you that in order to get rid of your problems, you have to get rid of such characteristics of yours – So, in the end, in order to get over your troubles, you become a better, more evolved person.

Let’s say you are a doctor or an engineer. Would you work for your company for free? Or treat patients for free? You would unless you have a second source of income. How else can an Astrologer make a living? After investing time, energy and discipline in the study, we need to charge a reasonable amount for the services and the time given to Consult with you or even prepare the report and send it to you. It is just like any other profession.

Just like any other profession charges for their time, knowledge and experience, An astrologer would do the same. See to create your report and solve your answers we have to spend time on your case and if we do that for no cost for everyone, no restaurant will feed us free dinner nor a grocery shop will send us free month of shopping. This should make sense to you. We appreciate someone who value our time, resource and experience and pay a reasonable fees for what we are offering if they have faith in Astrology calculations

Astrology is majorly calculations. And we have transferred all of that knowledge to a computer to process exactly like how an Astrologer does. If computer calculation can save us time and energy in writing a 40 pages report – error free and with precision. Why not? Adequate knowledge, experience, time and money has been invested in the proprietary tool. So we are able to give that report (Lifetime) for $ 14.49 and not $ 140.49 (if it was written by an actual person) We also agree a human touch can answer specific questions, and so the consultation with Professor is available for such people who wishes to speak to an experienced advisor. The report considers all possible permutations and combinations for a chart in terms of planetary positions, including angle and shows the route map for all possible events in life. Also gives insights for major aspects for life like career, finance, travel, health, relationship and others based on the same along with specific remedies for relevant dash – Bhukti. let’s say you’re standing in a junction of 5 roads, Just like how Google Maps can show you to which destination each of the road in the junction will take you to. Very similarly the report can guide you with multiple possibilities. What can be your piece of cake and what cannot be. What is good and what is bad. Finally, what you do defines where you end up. Even the external factors will have to be taken into consideration. Like if someone else enters your life and does something which may bring you luck or may become your worst nightmare. We usually take your close relationships into consideration as their arrival in your life is again relative in their birth chart about your arrival in their life.

​Lifetime report usually covers general topics for your Birth chart. However, If you have specific questions and looking for answers for those questions not covered by report, you can go for consultation directly with Professor. More information about consultation found in the top menu.

Report and consultation are priced separately to let our clients to choose the services they need according to their specific requirements.


Report will be generated manually and sent to your registered email address in pdf format within 24 - 48 hours!

$ 9.95


Shree gurubhyo namah

(Salutation to all Gurus)
Prof. CS Shiva Kumar is an expert in Vedic Astrology and Agama Shastra. With over 30 years of practice and rich experience; an expert in predictive and remedial Astrology and Agama Shastra; heads a team of highly qualified and experienced pundits. He also teaches Astrology and has more than 3000 students worldwide. Prof. is renowned India based Vedic Astrologer and Agama pundit. He has a vast client base for 30 years from various industries like Corporate Executives, Businessmen, Politics, TV, Bollywood, commoner and more. Prof holds a post-graduate degree in Sanskrit University, Mysore.

What Our Client Says

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Shruti Kare
Shruti Kare@shruti.kare.3
Read More
He is the best astrologer I have come across ... i was literally surprised with his readings ... just the best ... please do consult him for astrology as he is really knowledgeable and will help you for sure ... he has answers and solutions to all your problems and he is a gem of a person and truly empathetic towards your issues
Jyotinder Singh Gujral
Jyotinder Singh Gujral@shammi.gujral.5
Read More
Very accurate & detailed Astrology report, Guru Ji, Thank you so much for all your efforts & for sending the Report along with the remedies, I highly recommend everyone to avail this opportunity through Guru Ji, Warm Regards, Jyotinder
Santosh K Sharma
Santosh K Sharma@SantoshKSharma
Read More
I recommend it because i believe Astrology is above science and of some one knows it well , even Prediction up to minutes can be calculated. there is huge disbelief for Astrologers because of lack of knowledge but I have came across and met some those who are brilliant in their Field and amazed to see their prediction.we need to believe it's a ancient science. Hope the same from Guru Ji
Rajendra Prasad Kowta
Rajendra Prasad Kowta@rpkowta
Read More
Guruji's words have a magical effect. I was blown away by his intuitiveness, which does not come from mere study of the charts. It is only his spiritual strength which is making all the difference. We are grateful for the good advice rendered to us as part of the consultation with Guruji and the soft copies of the horoscopes are very useful too. Thanks a lot, and I recommend to all those interested, and please do not miss the chance to speak to Guruji as without that you are missing something.
 Nigel Guy
Nigel Guy@ Nigel Guy
Read More
I recommend Guruji Sumukh. Very accurate and easy to understand. An enlightened reading and very good advice . It is worth the connection with him to help your life .. Thank you !!
Vincent Eze Amadi
Vincent Eze Amadi@ Vincent Eze Amadi
Read More
Very accurate and detailed. Highly recommendable.
Mitesh Pillai
Mitesh Pillai @ Mitesh Pillai
Read More
Excellent Experience. His prediction and remedies are accurate.
Pavan Bhatnagar
Pavan Bhatnagar @ Pavan Bhatnagar
Read More
Highly praiseworthy ..... his knowledge about astrology ..... I have had a reading ... will await his predictions
Kamal Sharma
Kamal Sharma @Kamal Sharma
Read More
Guru ji is a very knowledgeable person i have come across..helpful and a kind hearted person,he is not money minded like any other astrologer,i highly recommend everyone to consult him for any problem..Warm Regards kamal sharma
Ananda Roy
Ananda Roy@Ananda Roy
Read More
I was quite satisfied with my Life Report which was 39 Pages Long and was delivered to me in time. It was very accurate.
Thank You Respected Guruji, Shivakumar C S 🙏🏼
Vasanthe Narayanasamy
Vasanthe Narayanasamy@Vasanthe Narayanasamy
Read More
Accurate and specific reading with recommendation for solutions to help overcome challenges and achieve greater success in life goals. No language barrier as Nikhil did a good job in translating from Kanada to English. I'm happy with it.
Rajjat K Bhardwaj
Rajjat K Bhardwaj@Rajjat K Bhardwaj
Read More
excellent Predictions for my carriers growth.
Vainatheya Parthasarathy
Vainatheya Parthasarathy@iyengaar
Read More
It was indeed a very enlightening consulting session with the guruji.He comes across pleasingly and pin pointed observations of past and present life situations. His remedial suggestions are extremely easy to follow and absolutely no cost. His approach is for sure different than the rest of the astrologers I have had met in the past. Vynatheya B.P Management Consultant
Ketki Kulkarni
Ketki Kulkarni@Ketkiuk
Read More
I will highly recommend Shivkumar Guruji's intuitive predictions and guidance. My family was very satisfied with his patrika and kundali readings.🙏🙏🏼 Also a big thank you to Veenaji for her wonderful translation (Kannada <>English and Hindi) She was a delight to talk to, very understanding and patient! A big thumbs up for their efforts👍
Siddharth Joshi
Siddharth Joshi@siddharth.joshi.7583
Read More
I was so much depressed bcoz of some things... But Veena mam, Sandhya mam and ofcourse Shivakumar guruji gave me excellent nd perfect prediction.. Thank you so much guruji and all team 🙏
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Who is Prof Shivakumar CS?

Shree gurubhyo namah

(Salutation to all Gurus)
Prof. CS Shiva Kumar is an expert in Vedic Astrology horoscope and Agama Shastra. With over 30 years of practice and rich experience; an expert in predictive and remedial Astrology and Agama Shastra. He heads a team of highly qualified and experienced pundits. He also teaches & consults Astrology online and has more than 3000 students worldwide. Prof. is renowned India based Vedic Astrologer and Agama pundit. He has a vast Online Astrology horoscope client base for 30 years from various industries like Corporate Executives, Businessmen, Politics, TV, Bollywood, commoner and more. Prof holds a post-graduate degree in Sanskrit University, Mysore.